The Innovation Institute of America® has a Board of Advisors comprised of a distinguished international team of senior executives and acclaimed thought leaders across diverse industries, cultures, languages, and continents. This is by design; as we recognize that innovation occurs in many facets, professions, and applications. This global braintrust ensures not just the highest quality of our programs, but also their relevance, practicality, holistic, and fascinating nature. Our global reach also allows us to keep our content up to date with the most valuable, exciting and relevant research, strategies, and information for our clients around the world.

Alexander Blass

Chairman of the Board

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Jaykant Parekh

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Payam Farjoodi, M.D.

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Ahmed Zakaria

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Clara Durodie

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Russell S. Verceles

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We deliver ultra high-value innovation masterclass training programs and workshops to global audiences at leading organizations. These masterclasses are in-depth, content-rich, and highly interactive with strategies, tools, and frameworks that can be implemented immediately at both the individual and organizational levels. They may be delivered in person at your location, our location (Washington, DC), or virtually.



For your upcoming conference, are you seeking someone who is both an experienced innovator and a top innovation keynote speaker?  Alexander Blass, CEO and Innovator-in-Chief of the Innovation Institute of America® is a highly sought after keynote speaker at leading business conferences worldwide.


“It was very dynamic, very high energy. It was one part inspirational and one part educational, and very very informative. I would recommend this experience to any company that is looking for a charismatic, very dynamic speaker who has been there, has innovated, and who can tell you what it takes to innovate.”

Client Testimonials


“I sat through Alexander’s presentation and I must say it was truly awesome. He communicated the message of innovation very clearly. I also found it very impressive – and he did it extremely well — that he localized his presentation for India which was absolutely great, and he really connected with the audience. I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

“Alexander Blass delivered a wonderful speech on innovation. It was very dynamic, very high energy. It was one part inspirational and one part educational, and very very informative. I would recommend this experience to any company that is looking for a charismatic, very dynamic speaker who has been there, has innovated, and who can tell you what it takes to innovate.”

“Today we had a masterclass on innovation by Alexander Blass. It’s been a fantastic experience. We had 56 of our managers and assistant managers attending and we’ve really opened up a lot of minds and changed mindsets. It’s a great new approach, I think it will lead to innovation in all sorts of spheres in the business. I am really looking forward to taking this forward over the next 12 months.”

“He did a great job of bringing in examples from all over the world. Highly energetic. He got engaged, got into the audience, not just a static speech with Powerpoint slides. Highly recommended!”

“Wow, it was undoubtedly one of the best sessions I have ever attended. The key takeaway for me was that if you breathe, if you eat for your living, you should innovate for your living. And innovation and energy go hand in hand, so I am requesting Alexander to give me some of his energy and innovation skills so that I can survive in this world. Thanks a lot, Alexander!”

“We were very glad today to have Mr. Alexander Blass who presented to us key elements on being innovative and related technology. His presentation was really heart-touching, interactive with the audience, and out of the norm of a typical presentation. We really highly recommend Mr. Blass and his presentations for other such events around the globe. Thank you very much.”

“Alexander Blass was the best part of the entire EPIC conference in New York City. I felt as if he was speaking directly to me, and the other audience members felt the same way. He gave me a lot of new ideas, was very clear and concise, and was full of energy. He was also easy to approach afterwards and very friendly. I would highly recommend Alexander Blass for your conference.”

“The opening speaker of this summit, Mr. Alexander Blass was a really blasting speaker! His energy is so contagious. For students this is what they need to see from an entrepreneur to get into it, increase their passion, motivate them, build their confidence. I think it was wonderful and amazing; one of the very best speakers I have heard in the last 10 years.”

“I go to a lot of events year, and hear a lot of speakers. Alexander Blass is by far one of the more dynamic speakers I have ever heard. Quite honestly the message of the presentation was very impressive. Innovation is a tremendous motivation for us internally. It is something we preach within our client base, and I got a lot of points out of this meeting I can share with my clients.”

“He gave us a revelation into the meaning of innovation. He brought it close to our hearts, our minds, and our soul. We had a good 2 days with him. This program is definitely a long lasting insight with impact, that will help you make that journey, of faith in innovation.”

“Alexander’s remarks were really on point, as we are going through an aggressive new strategic planning initiative. We are trying to move the organization to the next level. He really hit points on how staff should be engaged in that and involved, and think differently and more creatively. He also took the time to learn a lot about NFPA to make his comments very relevant to where we are in our history.”

“This is one of the best presentations I have ever seen. It was more effective and I could see the differences between other presentations. The message was very clear and it was more inspirational. I’m so happy and I can take the principles and put them in my career, and I can just innovate. It really inspired me.”

“We had Alexander Blass as a speaker in our university and I think it was one of the best experiences of my life so far. He really connected with us. And I felt like on a personal level, on a social level, it was really relatable. He not only crossed our minds, but even our hearts. It was extremely, truly inspiring. All of us had a spark in us, but Alexander Blass helped us put that spark into a flame.”

“I've just attended a great opening keynote by Alexander Blass, really great session about innovation and how I as a person--but also in relation to my company--can innovate. I think it would be a great, inspirational way to start any events that are focused on innovation and how to disrupt and change the way we think about products, services, marketing, and your organization. Great event. Great keynote.”

“Alexander presented an excellent speech at the [Abu Dhabi] Innovation Forum, helping us to better understand innovation and how it can be integrated in the business sector… One of those areas is sustainability. He linked innovation trends to local and regional issues, connecting the best practices of the West to local issues and bridging those two worlds.”

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“Acabo de salir de una de las presentaciones a que en realidad me han impactado más en todas estas congresos a los que he venido. Oh, sorpresa que me llevé porque pensé que a modo iba a ser lo mismo acerca de innovación y de liderazgo. Pero esta presentación en realidad llegó a mí. Alexander llegó a la parte intelectual, a la parte de crecimiento profesional y a la parte personal, a esa parte del corazón."

“Telecom companies feel they are too big and complex to innovate at the same rate as some of the challengers. To solve that problem we hired Alexander Blass. He did a keynote presentation for us… and it was exactly what our members needed. It was definitely a breath of fresh air, something they’ve never seen before. Later on we had a masterclass with Alexander. A huge success… highly recommended!”