Innovation Training and Skills Provided to Employees of Numerous Leading Organizations Worldwide


Would you like to partner with IIA, a leading institute for ultra high value, cutting edge, and applied executive training programs on business innovation?


IIA engages with reputable, experienced corporate training partners and international companies to assist with the worldwide distribution of our innovation masterclass seminars and training workshops. Potential partners are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please complete the application form below for review.

IIA delivers the ultimate innovation masterclass training workshop experiences based on the insights and research of our CEO and Innovator-in-Chief, Alexander Blass. An Oxford graduate and grand prize winner of the Daily Record’s Top Innovator of the Year Award, Mr. Blass is the inventor and founder of the $20 billion/year person-to-person crowdfunding industry which has helped over 40 million people worldwide

Our leadership have delivered business innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship programs and related presentations in numerous countries on five continents worldwide: from Dubai to Denmark; from Manhattan to Malaysia; from South America to Singapore; from Brussels to Bombay; and from London to Lahore. Audiences range widely from corporate executives and managers at large multinational corporations such as IBM, Mastercard, Aramco, KPMG, Toyota, and Statoil; to SMEs, entrepreneurs, governments, associations, non-profits, and high potential university students.

IIA programs are exciting, fun, and rich with high value, applied business strategies. They are very practical, collaborative, inspirational, and high-energy, and are delivered around the globe. Our masterclasses are purposely designed around business strategies that work in the real world and can be implemented by your attendees, rather than the generic academic theories on business innovation with no practical application. We incorporate fascinating and original case studies from around the world that we research and update on an ongoing basis. There is a high level of audience interaction, voluntary participation, and team-based learning exercises and collaboration.